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Counseling Services
Transfer Services

Did you know that California community college students have priority for junior level transfer to the Univeristy of California system (UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San Diego, etc.) and the California State University system (San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, Chico, etc.)? 

You can complete your freshman and sophomore years of university work at College of San Mateo and then transfer as a junior to a university to complete your bachelor's degree. If students plan to transfer to a college or university from CSM, it is very important to work closely with a counselor and develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP). In addition to meeting with a counselor, CSM has many services to help students transfer successfully, such as
  • Transfer Day
  • University Tours
  • Transfer Admission Guarantees
  • University Rep visits
  • Workshops for admissions
To learn more about Transfer Services visit