Printing, scanning, and photocopying

By using the Library's Printing, Photocopying, or Scanning Services you agree to comply with all copyright laws including exceptions for Fair Use.

Digital Scanning

Book and document scanning are available at no cost. Files may be saved and sent to email or stored directly on your usb drive, Google Drive, or Smartphone/Tablet.

When printing your digital scan, charges apply as noted below.

Scanners are located in the print services room at CSM Library.


Black & White and Color printing are available from any public computer located in the library, for a fee. Just open your document to be printed, and follow the prompts at the library computer station.

Want to print from your own computer? Use the PrinterOn service, then pick up your print job at your convenience. Just follow the prompts. PrinterOn will print single side print jobs only.

print with printeron green footprint, save paper, think before you print

The Library encourages you to go green, and save paper when possible. Think before you print or photocopy.

All print jobs are picked up and paid for at the Printer Release Station in the print services room.


Black and White photocopying is available for a fee.

Photocopiers are located in the print services room at CSM Library.

How much does it cost?

Printing & photocopying costs are standardized across the CSM campus, as follows:

There is no charge for use of the digital scanner, only for printing of digital scans.

All print or photocopy jobs are paid for in the print services room.

Need to print or scan later?

Remember to save your work to a personal storage device or the cloud.

In order to protect the privacy of our library account holders, file saving has been disabled on Library computer stations. To successfully save your work and files, you must save to a usb thumbdrive, other removable storage media, or to the cloud, using Google Drive, Dropbox, or some other file storage application.