Nursing Program Quiz
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Fall 2014 Tips
Parking, waitlists and more!
Summer grades available
Thursday, August 14, 2014
Fall 2014 Semester Begins
Monday, August 18, 2014
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Passing grade is 100%. There are 20 multiple choice questions.
  1. After applying online the student also needs to submit which of the following documents to the nursing department
       International transcripts
       Official transcripts of coursework completed within the San Mateo Community College District
       Official transcripts of coursework completed outside the San Mateo Community College District
       Unofficial transcripts for all prerequisite courses, even if courses were taken with SMCCD
  2. Completing the CSM current reading placement test and following recommendations prior to application is considered to be
       Highly recommended
       Not recommended
  3. Applicants are notified of their status by
       US mail no later than May 1
       E-mail no later than June 1
       US mail before April 15
       E-mail only if accepted by June 1
  4. International coursework must be evaluated by
       CSM Counseling Department
       The nursing program articulation grid
       CSM Admission & Records
       A CSM approved transcript evaluation service
  5. An applicant is ineligible if he/she
       Is not a current SMCCD student
       Submits application on January 2 online
       Lives in San Francisco
       Has a prerequisite course in progress at the time of application
  6. Criminal background checks are ordered by each student prior to beginning the program. If there is a "hit"
       the student is automatically barred from admission into program
       acceptance depends upon approval of the clinical agency
       the students will have to remediate and re-apply
       acceptance depends upon the offense
  7. The three courses which require a subset GPA are
       Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology
       Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry
       Chemistry, Microbiology, and Anatomy
       Speech, English Composition, and General Psychology
  8. Choose the correct supporting application requirements
       Successful completion of NPIS quiz
       Unofficial transcripts for all prerequisite courses, successful completion of NPIS quiz
       Unofficial transcripts for all prerequisite courses
       Official and unofficial transcripts for all prerequisite courses
  9. The cumulative GPA is calculated by
       The applicant
       The counseling department
       The online application process
       The admission committee
  10. The application deadline is which of the following
       January 1
       March 1
       January 30
       February 1
  11. If a fully qualified applicant is not admitted, he/she
       None of the above
       Cannot re-apply
       Does not have to re-apply. Waitlist # rolls over to the next year
       Must re-apply the next year
  12. Which of the following is an incorrect statement?
       There are no course expiration dates for prerequisite courses
       Flexibility with work schedule is essential in order to meet the nursing schedule requirements
       Background check includes drug testing
       Cost of program is $8,000 per year
  13. The minimum cumulative GPA for application into the program is
  14. The number of applicants currently selected once a year is
  15. In order to be eligible for the associate degree, the student must have completed
       Math 811
       Math 120
       Math 110
       Math 111/112
  16. The merit-based application criteria go into effect in
       Spring 2016 for Fall 2016
       Spring 2013 for Fall 2013
       Spring 2015 for Fall 2015
       Spring 2014 for Fall 2014
  17. If a student scores less than the passing score on the TEAS test (Test of Essential Academic Skills) they must
       Enroll in nursing courses
       Take a different assessment test
       Complete an individual remediation plan and retake the test the following year
       Retake the test immediately
  18. Nursing clinical hours range from 12 to 15 hours per week, depending on the course. Choose the correct statement regarding clinical hours:
       Clinical hours are never in the evening
       Clinical hours are not required
       Clinical hours are always on Tuesday and Wednesday shift
       Clinical days and hours vary from course to course
  19. Completing the online presentation and this quiz with 100% score is ____________ in order to apply to the nursing program.
       Highly recommended
  20. General education courses (Humanities, American Institutions, California State and Local Government, Physical Education, Information Competency) must be completed
       In order to take the NCLEX exam
       After the nursing program is completed
       For the associate degree, unless the student already holds a Bachelor's Degree
       In order to apply to the nursing program