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Register for Classes

Students who are currently enrolled at CSM can register for classes when they get their registration appointment.
If you are not yet a student at CSM, you'll need to Apply and Enroll at CSM first.

Here's how to sign up for classes:
  1. Log into WebSMART
    Your User ID is your student identification number or you can use your Social Security number as an alternate User ID. Unless you have customized your PIN, the default PIN (Personal Identification Number) is your six-digit birth date entered as two digits each for month, day and year (mmddyy).
  2. Click on Registration
  3. Click on Registration Add/Drop Classes
  4. Select the term and click on Submit
    Note: At this point you may be asked to confirm your personal information
  5. If you already know the 5-digit course reference number of the class(es) you want, type in that 5-digit number using the boxes at the bottom of the page (under "Add Classes Worksheet"). Click on Submit Changes! You can search for the classes you want to take by clicking on the "Class Search" button located on the bottom of the Add/Drop Classes page.
Wait Lists
  1. You may reserve a space on a waiting list if a class is full. Follow the registration instructions as outlined above. After clicking Submit Changes, you will receive a red warning message indicating that the class you have tried to sign up for is full. You may add yourself to the waiting list for the class by clicking on "Submit Changes" one more time.
  2. If your name moves to the top of the waiting list, you will be sent an email to your email account instructing you to register for class. Waitlist notifications are also available by text message. To add a text phone number to your contact information, log into WebSMART, click the "Student" tab, click "Update Your Goal/Major and other Student Information", click the "Contact Information" Tab at the top, fill in your Mobile Number in the fields provided and click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page.
  3. You only have 24 hours from the time the email/text is sent to you to register for the class. If you do not register for the class, your name will be removed from the waiting list.

Late Registration (first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters; first week of summer session)
If you were unable to submit your application and register for classes before the semester begins, you may register after classes begin by attending the first class meeting and obtaining a 4-digit authorization code. An instructor will issue you an authorization code if there is room in the class. You will then use WebSMART to register yourself into the class. Enter the authorization code when prompted.

Dropping Classes

Classes may be dropped without the instructor's approval. Withdrawal from a class or classes must be initiated by the student by the appropriate deadline date. There are three important deadlines:
  • Last day to drop a semester-long classes with eligibility for fee credit or partial refund
  • Last day to drop a class so that it does not appear on your record
  • Last day to officially withdraw from semester long classes with assurance of a "W" grade
  • For online and TV course deadlines, please see Distance Learning Guide in the Schedule of Classes.
  • Note: For short courses, eligibility for credit or refund is within first 10% of class meetings. The deadline to drop a short course without a record of it on your transcript is within the first 20% of the class meetings. The withdrawal deadline is at 75% of class meetings.
To drop a class:
  1. Log into WebSMART
  2. Click on Registration
  3. Click on Registration Add/Drop Classes
  4. Select the term and click on Submit
    Note: At this point you may be asked to confirm your personal information
  5. On the Registration Add/Drop page, find the class you want to drop and change the drop down menu from "None" to "Drop."
  6. Click on Submit Changes

Pass/No Pass Grading Option

Most CSM courses are graded on the basis of the standard letter grades (A, B, C, D, F). Some courses are graded on a Pass (P) or No Pass (NP) basis, and are so designated in the schedule of classes. Still other courses offer the student the choice between letter and Pass/No Pass grading; students electing the Pass/No Pass option in such courses must submit the appropriate form to the Office of Admissions and Records within the first 30% of the duration of the course. Changes are not permitted thereafter.