Astronomy at College of San Mateo - Overview
Presidents Day Holiday Weekend
No classes February 12-15
Flex Days
No classes March 3 & 4
Spring Recess
March 28 - April 2
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The AOOC Certificate is now available!
Note:  There will be no planetarium shows or public stargazing in February due to the planetarium upgrade and long holiday weekend. 

WE ARE UPGRADING OUR PLANETARIUM!  Our new 4k resolution digital projectors and Goto star projector have been installed and we are almost ready to show them off!  Our planetarium will re-open with a brand new show on Friday, March 11!

Astronomy is the observation and the study of the universe and everything that is within. When you are simply looking up into the starry night sky, you are doing astronomy.

What are black holes, how many planets are there orbiting other stars, what is the magnetar and would you want to be near one? All of these questions, and more, await answers. Are you ready for the challenge? Take an astronomy course and explore.

PanSTARRS / Moon
Comet PanSTARRS / Crescent Moon 3-12-13    CSM Observatory