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College of San Mateo Library

Accessibility Resources

CSM Library will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to those with disabilities--below you will find lists including accessibility resources available at the Library. Please notify CSM of accessibility issues you encounter using our Accessibility Reporting Form.

Software Resources

Microsoft's accessibility features are available on all student Windows computers. The following Assistive Software Resources are available on a select number of computers (the Assistive Technology Access and Services provides training in the use of this software).

  • JAWS screen reader for Windows
  • MAGic screen magnification for Windows
  • Kurzweil 3000 scanning/text-to-speech software

Hardware Resources

  • CCTV text magnification
  • Trackball mouse available upon request

Alternate Media

  • Alternate media sources of library materials such as audiobooks, eBooks, mp3, or large print are available by searching our Online Catalog.
  • Alternate media sources of course materials and textbooks such as Braille, audio, e-text, or large print are available by contacting Assistive Technology Access and Services.